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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where are Pacari Chocolates from?

Pacari Chocolates are 100% made from Tree to Bar in Ecuador. Pacari Chocolate sold by us are wholly imported from Ecuador by plane and not repackaged or reformulated in Malaysia.

What makes Pacari Chocolates unique?

1. Quality

  • Pacari works on a small batches using carefully selected ingredients to highlight the exceptional flavour profile of the cacao bean.
  • We use only Arriba Nacional cacao, the plants native to Ecuador that yield a bean classified as “fino de aroma.” This cacao is known for its rich, full taste and complex fruity and floral notes.

2.  Organic & Biodynamic

  • Certified Organic
  • Pacari is the only chocolate company that has the Demeter Biodynamic Certification seal, which certifies that the raw material production estates maintain a self-regenerating ecosystem, free of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers; Conserving an ecological balance between animals, soil, plants and humans.

3. Direct Trade with Farmers

  • We work directly with small scale farmers, not middle men, to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their products.
  • We are located within a few hour´s drive from most of our producers, and we work closely with them to help improve their organic agriculture processes and bean quality.

How long does your products lasts?

Expiry dates are as indicated on our chocolate.

Is your product suitable for Vegan?

Yes! Our chocolates are Vegan and also Certified Organic.

Do you have any chocolates that is sugar free?

Yes, we do! You may go for the 100% Cacao if you like your chocolate smooth or 100% Cacao+1% Nibs if you like to have something crunchy to bite on at the end.

Discount Codes

How do I add a discount code?

When you place your order, you will see a Discount Code box on the Check Out page, below the order summary. Please enter your discount code and click "Apply", the discount code will be applied and reflected immediately in your order total. We are sorry that we are unable to apply any discount codes after the order has been processed. Only one discount code can be used per purchase. 


How do I pay for my order?

We accept online bank transfer via secured payment gateway. If you wish to pay by offline bank transfer (at the ATM machines), please kindly choose 'Bank Transfer' option at the payment page. Instruction for payment will be shown after the order is placed.

Can I change my personal details/shipping particulars after I placed my order?

Kindly contact our customer service immediately via hello@pacarichocolate.com.my. However, we are unable to make anymore changes once the parcel has been handed over to the Courier Service company.


Can I order as gift?

Definitely yes. Please indicate and input any gift message in the "Add a remark" box on the Check Out page, below the order summary. Prices will be hidden on the packing slip for all gift orders.

Bulk Purchase

Can we order Pacari Chocolate products as wedding/event door gifts?

Sure thing! Please contact our customer service via  hello@pacarichocolate.com.my and we will assist you for best options and packages to suit your event. 

For collaboration opportunities, please contact us via hello@pacarichocolate.com.my

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