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Salt & Nibs Organic Chocolate Bar (60%)

RM 27.00

Salt & Nibs Organic Chocolate Bar (60%)

The addition of a pinch Pink Salt from the Sacred Valley of Peru plus a dash of Organic Cacao Nibs on top of the Chocolate Bar, brings you to the whole new level of experience when you taste this Chocolate Bar! 

Currently served in Emirates Airline Business Class as dessert

What's special about PACARI Salt & Nibs Chocolate Bar? 

At you place the chocolate bar on your tongue, it will give you a light coffee aroma, a sweet and creamy silky mouthfeel. However, as the warmth of your tongue melts the chocolate bar, the saltiness of the pink salt crystals will spread in a rhythmic way while the bitter sweet taste of chocolate start to appear. To elevate your tasting experience with PACARI, there is a surprise hidden in every bar, which is a dash of Cacao Nibs to give you the extra crunch in your Chocolate Bar! 

This is our exclusive flavour and also a very relatively rare style in PACARI chocolate. Definitely worth the experience!!

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Why Cuzco Pink Salt from Sacred Valley of Peru?

Salt from the Sacred Valley built in AD200-AD900 by the Chanapata culture, pre-dating the Incas. The terraces are known in Quechua as Kachi Raqay and they’re situated at at an elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level.

Many experts recommend the pink salt of Maras for people who suffer from hypertension because it has low levels of sodium chloride. Maras salt also contains calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium, making it a perfect medicinal option for skin conditions and to treat swelling.

Awards Won : 

  • Gold Medal, International Chocolate Awards 2016
  • Silver Medal, International Chocolate Awards 2014

3 Reasons why you should take Dark Chocolate daily :

Recommended : 1 - 2 squares, every morning 

1. Rich in Antioxidant

Cacao contains flavonoids, antioxidant compounds which are said to protect against cell damage caused by free-radicals. Research has found that they are especially beneficial with regard to blood flow. They help to lower blood pressure, promote normal blood clotting function and – as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine - have been said to decrease the risk of heart disease.

2. High in Minerals

Raw chocolate is also high in minerals such as iron, magnesium and manganese which help to sustain energy levels and protect cells.


3. Brain Food

One of the most exciting discoveries is that chocolate could reverse memory decline. A study by Columbia University found that high-flavonol cacao rejuvenated activity in the part of the brain where the decline occurs. The flavonols promoted blood flow to this cranial region and in some cases, incredibly, researchers saw participants’ memories restored to that of someone twenty or thirty years younger. 

pacari salt & nibs

Nutritional Facts

per 100g
2313kJ/ 552kcal
of which : Saturated Fat24g
of which : Sugar41g


What Our Customer Says :

"Favorably distinct from other brands

Rather than simply sprinkling the salt and nibs on the surface of the bar as most other chocolate makers do, Pacari mixes the salt and nibs into the chocolate, whereby evenly distributing them throughout the bar. Additionally, the amount of salt and nibs is in just the right proportion and thereby enhances the overall chocolate experience."


Amazing chocolates !!! I have now tried few of them, not only the Cuzco salt, and every single one is full of flavour and delicious. I highly recommend this chocolates."


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